TLP Enquiry – First Draft

I was recently asked to speak to current Aberdeen City probationers about my experience of practitioner enquiry. I spoke about my PGDE enquiry and my own probationer PEAR project, as well as telling them about my initial plans for this enquiry. I was very nervous before presenting but received positive feedback and I’m proud I did something outside my comfort zone.

Charlaine Simpson, from the GTCS, was also speaking at that event and her presentation was really interesting for me as I reflected on my TLP enquiry plans. She shared this process wheel which has helped me to think about the steps involved in practitioner enquiry:


At the SCEL TLP recall event next week, we will have time to discuss our enquiry questions and plans but we’ve been asked to post a first draft prior to the event. I have shared my plan below, using Canva.

FOCUS: Cooperative Learning and Coding

QUESTION: To what extent does the use of cooperative learning groups for a coding project impact social skills in a P6 class?

Adapted from a blog post, first published: 3rd January 2020. Available at:

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