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Practitioner Enquiry

In the 2019/20 academic year, I took part in the Education Scotland Teacher Leadership Programme (TLP). As part of this programme, participants were required to blog about their experiences and comment on other participants blogs, encouraging professional dialogue. These TLP blogs are hosted on Glow Blogs and viewers require a Glow Login to access them. If you have a Glow Login and would like to take part in the discussion on my TLP blog, you can access it here.

Linked below are copies of the blog posts to share my journey with Practitioner Enquiry with others. You can access the blogs below:

What does Teacher Leadership mean to me? – 26th August 2019

Possible Enquiry Areas – 21st October 2019

What is already known? – 8th December 2019

Enquiry Plan First Draft – 3rd January 2020

TLP Update – 10th April 2020

Completed Enquiry Poster – 30th June 2020

My Leadership Journey So Far – 30th June 2020

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